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They’ve been Cruising, they’ve been Camping. They’ve even been …Up the Khyber; but now the beloved Carry Ons are coming to you!

The official Carry On historian, Robert Ross, presents an affectionate salute to celebrate sixty glorious years of the Carry On films, taking you behind the scenes of a comedy institution. In the March of 1958 cameras started rolling on a cheap and cheerful black and white comedy about the madcap exploits of a bunch of hapless National Service recruits. The film was Carry On Sergeant and its popularity kick-started British film’s most endearing franchise. Nothing sums up the deliciously bawdy and raucous British sense of humour more than the Carry Ons. For sixty years, their heady mix of innuendo, pratfalls, and love of a damned good time has entertained millions around the world.

The flaring nostrils of Kenneth Williams, the crumpled leer of Sid James, the cheeky giggle of Barbara Windsor, and the bespectacled high camp of Charles Hawtrey remain a vital part of the national bloodstream. This is the Carry On story. Naughty but nice…

Robert Ross is the foremost authority on the stars and history of British comedy, and has written many books dedicated to the Carry Ons, including The Carry On Companion, The Carry On Story, Sid James: Cockney Rebel, and Mr. Carry On, the authorised biography of Carry On producer Peter Rogers. Robert’s many other books include The Goodies Rule OK, Benny Hill: Merry Master of Mirth, Fawlty Towers: Fully Booked, and Steptoe and Son: Any Old Iron. His many television appearances range from Blue Peter and The One Show, to Legends: Terry-Thomas, and When Comedy Goes Horribly Wrong. His first play, Jeepers Creepers, concerned the lives and loves of Lauretta and Marty Feldman, and was directed by Terry Jones at the Leicester Square Theatre in the West End of London.

Robert Ross is concurrently touring Forgotten Heroes of Comedy: a celebration of the comedy underdog, which is also the subject and title of his latest book.

“Robert is a one-man encyclopedia of the very best of British comedy.” Jim Dale MBE

“The top chronicler of British comedy.” Film Review

“A writer who clearly knows, and loves, what he’s writing about.” The Hampstead & Highgate Express.

Website: www.robertross.co.uk

Twitter: twitter.com/RobertWRossEsq

Facebook: facebppk.com/RobertRossComedyHistorian


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